Publishing your article

All articles published on Duggup are in Markdown Format. You can learn more about the Markdown format through this brilliant and informative guide by Github -

How to publish your article

Preview before publish

Before publishing you can render and see how it would look like using Duggup Article Previewer.

In order to publish your article on Duggup you need to raise following Pull Requests on Duggup/Data repository on base branch beta not master.


If you are a new author at Duggup, raise a Pull Request in duggup/data directory on authors.json file. Once you create an entry in this file and your Pull Request gets merged, your profile will be created on Duggup which will be accessible on the following link<author_id>

Meta information of each author contains

"id": "author-id",
"name": "Arpit Bhayani",
"pronoun": "his/her",
"twitter_handle": "twitter-handle",
"bio": "your-bio",
"profile_img": "square-profile-photo-hosted-over-internet",
"cover": "a cover image for your profile. preferrably 1200 × 628",
"substack": "substack subdomin of your newsletter",
"github": "github username",
"linkedin": "linkedin profile url",
"website": "personal website url"

A sample profile is rendered as - Arpit Bhayani


For getting your article published, a Pull Requests in in duggup/data directory on posts.json file. Once the entry is created in the file and your Pull Request is merged, an entry of your article is made to the system. Every article on Duggup has following meta information associated with it, so the pull requests on posts.json file should contain an entry similar to this

"id": "post-id",
"title": "title of the post",
"description": "meta description about it",
"cover": "a cover image for your article. preferrably 1200 × 628",
"gif": "link to a gif from giphy",
"authors": [
"topics": [
"originalUrl": "link-to-original-url-if-any",
"published_time": "2020-04-19T00:00:00.000Z"
  • topic ids could be found from the topics from Duggup Discover and topics.json.

  • cover image expects an image URL hosted over the internet. You can upload your image to any github issue and use that URL here.

The core content of your article goes in the posts folder where a markdown file is created with name as <post_id>.md that contains your article in the Markdown format. Other files in the folder could be referred to understand how articles could be formatted.